About Sunshine Development

Sunshine was set up at the end of 2017 with the aim of helping people and organisations transform their results by enabling them to think, feel and do things brilliantly.

Whilst it’s action that ultimately determine results, it’s predominantly emotion (generated by thought) that drives our action. When we think well, we feel well, we do well and we get fabulous results.

Sunshine provides development services that don’t just focus on skills and knowledge alone, but that also influence the key drivers of action and behaviour – emotion and thought. Most human beings, whether conscious of it or not, have a significant amount of faulty and unhelpful thinking, so this is about getting the inside right so that the outside can fall into place.

Finally, emotions, for most people, are strongly influenced by what’s happening around them. We also work with clients in a consultancy and advisory capacity where desired, to identify the systemic influences that may be working against everyone’s best intentions, so that these can be addressed.

Why the name 'Sunshine'?

Sunshine promotes growth and provides light, energy and warmth, making us feel great.

People are potentially brilliant, but our brilliance can be blocked in the same way that clouds sometimes obscure the sun.

When we identify and clear away the stuff that gets in the way of our brilliance, we’re free to shine at maximum capacity, ensuring brilliant results. And that’s exactly what we help you do.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine?!

Who are the people behind Sunshine?

Sunshine is run by Development Consultant Martine Bolton, aided by a small group of trusted associates when required.

Martine set up Sunshine after 20 years’ experience in corporate management and training roles within the public and private sectors.

Married to Edd, she has two sons (Joe & Max) and a cat called Nacho.

And sunshine is one of her favourite things!

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